Joining Last Gameboard

Posted 30 March 2022 by Darragh Van Tichelen

Changing jobs!

I don’t usually post about my personal life, but given the link between PlanarAlly and my new job I wanted to make PA’s position clear

Last week was my last week at my previous job (shoutout to proxyclick) and so a new adventure began last monday for me. It’s with a lot of excitement that I can announce that I’ve joined the lovely folks over at the last gameboard!

Those that have been around might already know that I was working with them for some smaller things to get PA integrated on their platform, but recently they offered me a position to work in a larger capacity with them :)

What does this mean for PlanarAlly?

PA remains opensource and remains my IP so you have nothing to worry about this company taking ownership of the project! My main task initially will be to support and further integrate PA on the gameboard. This ranges from specific features for the board to features that everyone using PA will enjoy.

Outside of company time I’ll also keep working on all other things PA related, so ultimately not a lot changes, with the exception that for some features/bugs I’ll be paid to implement/fix them!