After a successful login, the dashboard will be shown. It consists of a navigational bar on the left and a content section on the right.

Incomplete feature!

The dashboard has been re-designed for PlanarAlly 0.26.0 and is not fully completed. Right now, Assets and Settings lead to pages unchanged from prior versions of PlanarAlly. Until these are changed to the new dashboard, you will need to go back to the dashboard, manually via the move back function of your web browser, or the browser's address line.


In the top-left corner of the navigational bar lies the localisation button which lets you choose a localisation of PlanarAlly off a drow-down menu. Any choice you make, here, will replicate to every campaign you play or run.

Translation Fallback

Note that translations may be incomplete. In case a translation of something in the user-interface is missing, the interface will fall back to the english translation for this specific element.

At the moment, PlanarAlly supports the following languages (at least to a certain extent):

  • English (en)
  • 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese, zh_CN)
  • Deutsch (German, de)
  • Русский (Russian, ru)
  • Danks (Danish, dk)
  • Español (Spanish, es)
  • 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese, zh_TW)
  • Italiano (Italian, it)
Help translate!

In case you're encounter translation errors, missing strings or a localisation to your language, feel invited to help out! See the contribution guidelines on github to learn how to contribute your language to PA.


The Game section offers you to play, run, and create games.


Clicking Play will open a list of all campaigns that you did not create, but are a player in. Even if the creator of a campaign granted you DM status via the campaign settings, you will still find this campaign in the Play list, not the Run list.

The list will show the campaigns with their name next to the campaign's logo. Clicking on a campaign's entry will transform its logo into a play symbol and show further information on this campaign in a campaign details bar to the right. You may now jump into the campaign, clicking on the play symbol in the list or through the Launch! button at the bottom of the campaign details bar, both bringing you ultimately to the game board.

To the right, a campaign details bar is displayed, showing information on the selected campaign. On top, the campaign's logo is shown, followed by the campaign's name and the username of the campaign's creator.

Below that, the Launch! button will bring you to the game board.

Below the lauch button, the Last playtime indicator will display the date of the last time you accessed the campaign.

A simple Notes input follows. The notes entered here are personal to your account.

At the bottom, the Leave button offers you to permanently leave the campaign. A DM's invitation link will be necessary to re-join.


Clicking Run will open a list of all campaigns that you created, regardless of whether you still have DM status within the game, or not.

This will display just as described above under Run, with the following differences:

  • the campaign's logo is editable by clicking on the display at the top of the campaign details bar,
  • the campaign's name is editable by clicking the edit symbol next to it,
  • instead of leaving, you can delete the campaign – for all players!
Logo upload

The logo has to be uploaded as an asset.


Creating a campaign is easy: Enter a name and click Go. You can also choose a logo for the campaign by clicking on the default logo displayed next to the name input.

Logo upload

The logo has to be uploaded as an asset.


The Assets section offers you to manage or create assets.


This link will bring you to the asset manager.

Incomplete feature integration

The asset manager is not yet fully integrated into the dashboard. Expect full functionality, but different look-and-feel.


Incomplete feature!

This feature has not been made yet, the link in the navigational bar is just a placeholder.


This will open your account settings.

Incomplete feature integration

The account settings manager is not yet fully integrated into the dashboard. Expect full functionality, but different look-and-feel.


The general settings will display your username. Currently, there is no possibility to change your username other than directly manipulating the database. This is limited to the server's admin and discouraged in general.

You can, however, modify your email-address.

Optional Feature

Registering email-addresses to your account is a completely optional feature. No feature of PlanarAlly relies on emails in any way. However, entering an email-address might ease communication with the server's admin/hoster.

Danger Zone

The danger zone offers to change your password or delete your account.

Change password

Change password will open inputs to enter and confirm a new password.

Delete Account

Delete account will enable to delete your account. You will be warned that this action is irrevocable.

Incomplete Feature!

The account settings are not fully implemented, yet. Deleting your account via the account settings is currently not possible.

Final Decision!

Deleting your account is irrevocable.


Clicking this will, not very surprisingly, log you out of PlanarAlly.