In-game Settings

The in-game settings are accessible from the side menu (click the -icon on the upper left screen of your browser window to open the menu).

In-game Settings are divided in two groups, allowing you to configure the appearance and behaviour of PlanarAlly.



Here, you can choose a different language to be displayed in the user interface. This will replicate to all other campaigns you play or run, just as if done through the dashboard.


The colour setting defines in what colour the grid layer (i.e. the grid lines) will be drawn upon the map layer.

The grid size setting is private to each client. It affects only scale to take into account that the default grid size of 1 grid cell equalling 50px, square, will look very different on different screens (e.g. a laptop, a 4k TV or a projector).


Here, the colour of the ruler as displayed in the client can be set. If the ruler is used publicly, all other players will see the ruler used in this client with the colour defined here.


Short for 'fog of war', this setting allows to configure how everything unseen to the client's token(s) shall be covered.



When checked, this inverts the default snapping behaviour.

Mouse & Gestures

Here, the scroll to zoom functionality can be disabled. This might be helpful for users of touch-input devices.