Game UI

After all the more boring stuff, now on to the actual gameplay!

As can be seen in the following image, the PlanarAlly UI consists of 5 UI elements that are visible at all times.

Sample DM UI

  1. The actual board
  2. The Menu toggle (contains 2 buttons for the DM)
  3. The Tools bar
  4. The Layer bar (DM)
  5. The zoom slider

Additionally there are a couple of UI elements that only appear after some interaction. The menu toggle opens sidebars. Some tools have additional UI to choose for example colours and there is also additional UI for interacting with tokens on the board.

This tutorial will briefly go over some of these UI elements, but for more in-depth explanations you can visit the player references in the docs.

It's possible to hide all UI elements (except the board) with ctrl+u. For other keyboard shortcuts check the quick reference.