Basic Server User Management


This section is wildly out-of-date. You can query multiple things with the CLI as well as setup a basic browser view for some administrative tasks.

Currently as of v0.22.3 there is no graphical interface for user management from the server level thus you have to use python scripts for user management.

always make sure that you’re in a python shell first before running any of these scripts. Just simply open a terminal and type in python to open a shell, you can exit the shell with just quit()

PlanarAlly uses peewee as its database orm tool.

List all usernames on server

from src.db.all import User
[ for u in ]

Change the password for a specific user

from src.db.all import User
u = User.get(name="*some-username*")

Create new user as admin

from src.db.all import User
User.create_new("*some-username*", "*some-password*", "*some-email(optional)")