Quick Reference

Default Layers

For more info on layers check the layer documentation.

Name player visible player editable short description
Map Yes No Layer under the grid typically used for map assets
Grid Yes No Not selectable by the DM either, but can be configured in the session settings
Tokens Yes Yes The main game board
DM No No A place for the DM to place objects hidden to players
Vision Yes No All shapes here are invisible on other layers


On a Mac, use Command instead of Ctrl.


A decent chunk of keybindings is dedicated to moving either shapes or the screen around.

Key/Modifier Context Action
Arrow-keys, Numpad 1-4, 6-9 empty selection Move the board 1 grid cell in the pressed direction
selection Move the selected shapes 1 grid cell in the pressed direction
Space, Numpad 0 Center screen on next token (cycles through owned tokens)
Shift selection Move shapes through movement blocking terrain (DM only)
Ctrl + 0, Numpad 5 Focus origin (0,0) of the grid
Numpad 5 selection Focus center of selection
middle mouse click (hold) Pan the screen
middle mouse scroll Zoom in relation to the current mouse pointer.
Page up/down Move camera floor up/down
Page up/down + alt selection Move selection floor up/down
Page up/down + shift + alt selection Move selection + camera floor up/down


Key/Modifier Context Action
Tab Toggle Modes (Build/Play)
Alt (hold) Disable snapping behaviour
Ctrl + u Toggle UI
Ctrl + z Undo
Ctrl + shift + z Redo
Space ruler Set ruler waypoints

Selection / Shape interactions

Key/Modifier Context Action
Enter selection Open edit dialogue for shape
Ctrl selection Extend active selection with ctrl-selected shapes
resize Retain aspect ratio
Space selection Set ruler waypoints
Del, Backspace selection Delete all shapes in the active selection
d selection Deselect all currently selected shapes
x selection Mark shape(s) as defeated
Ctrl + l selection (Un)Lock selected shape(s)
Ctrl + c selection Copy selection to clipboard
Ctrl + v Paste clipboard to board