Tools Overview

PlanarAlly provides a set of tools to interact with the Game Board and other players. GMs are provided with some additional tools suitable for their needs. Most, but not all, of these tools are accessible via a toolbar at the bottom right of the Game Board.

Example of the toolbar of a GM in 'Build' mode with the Select tool active and the mode ready to be changed into Play mode, while the filter tool can be used, but not the vision tool.

Toolbar and Modes

To limit the toolbar being flooded with a lot of options, tools are shown depending on a toolbar-mode. Currently there are 2 modes “Play” and “Build”, the former focusing on tools that are actually used during play and the latter on tools mostly used during DM prep.

To switch modes you can click on the desired mode or use the Tab key.

Below is an overview of all tools and in which mode they are available. Note that some tools might have altered behaviour depending on the mode.

Tools Quick Reference

SelectAllBoth1Select, move, rotate, or resize Shapes.
PanAllBothPan your viewport of the Game Board.
DrawAllBuildCreate Shapes of various basic forms.
SpellAllPlayMeasure and cast spells.
RulerAllBothMeasure Distances on the Game Board.
PingAllPlayDisplay a Beacon on the Game Board for all to see.
MapDMBuildHelps to resize assets (mostly maps) to match the grid.
FilterAllBoth2Highlight Shapes by their labels.
VisionAllPlay2See what players are able to see.
ZoomAllBoth3Zoom in/out a portion of the Game Board.
InitiativeAllBoth3Track initiative order and timed effects.
Undo/RedoAllBoth3Undo and redo certain actions.


  1. Functionality differs depending on the mode.

  2. Only visible in the toolbar, when actually usable. 2

  3. Not part of the tools toolbar. 2 3