Ruler Tool

The Ruler tool can be accessed in the toolbar at the bottom right of the GAme Board, regardless of mode. It is a simple tool that gives you the option to measure distances.

From the place where you clicked a line is drawn with a number showing the distance to your mouse cursor, until you release the mouse. It shows the first decimal to support using the metric system with games that were devised with the imperial system in mind (e.g. the standard 5-ft grid in D&D translates to 1.5 m).

If you turn on the Share with others option that opens up above the Rulerbutton in the toolbar, this will be publicly visible for all players in the session. If you turn off this option, only you will see the ruler.

The colour in which this is drawn can be chosen by each player in their client settings. The ruler also has snapping behaviour that will try to snap to logical places on the grid.